Ask the concierge

Ask the concierge



Our Reception team strive to go out of their way to provide you with all the information and services you need to enjoy the best of Budapest. They will take care of everything you need inside and outside the hotel. The team knows all the latest on the happenings in and around Budapest, and can help you with many aspects of your stay including:






Nowdays the hop on hop off tours are very popular because the visitors can see the main attractions and listen to their history on a multilingual audio digits. Also they can dwell on an attraction as long as they want until they go to the next destination. If you prefer live guided tours there are also many options you can choose from.


The river bank of Budapest is a gem and it would be a big mistake not to try on of the cruises the city offers. Either it is a day cruise or a candlelit romantic dinner cruise when Budapest is in floodlight we can ensure you it will be a memorable program during your stay in our lovely city.


If you prefer a live guided tour in a smaller goup there are also many programs you can take part. It can be a 2, 3 or 4 hours tour to such places as the Parliament, the Buda Castle district or the Heroes Square and its surroundings but if you are interested in the hungarian cuisien you can also try the so called "Budapest Gourmet" tour either.


However Budapest already has many things to see and visit, it is worth to step a little further and go to the countryside. Szentendre and Visegrád where you can be amazed by the Danube Bend or Gödöllő where Sissi Castle stands can be perfect choices. As Budapest has many great wine regions you can also visit one of them, try its tasty wines and discover the region, too. We are happy to organize any of this program for you.


Budapest is rich of thermal baths that's why it is also called as " the city of waters" so you can not leave without trying one them relaxing pools. The two most famous ones are the Széchenyi Bath és St. Gellért Bath that will already impress you with their beautiful buildings and after spending couple of hours in the warm water pools you feel really relaxed. Besides the pools you can also try many treaments such as massage or facial treatments in the facilities.


We only work with trustful and experienced turistic companies so our guests get the best quality.

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